The NITERunner Story

Our Logo

The Gabbiegooks NITERunner Logo
Our logo was designed by my son and I and was based on our pet dog. I have owned Bassett Hounds since I was a kid and they have been around me my whole life. Our current Bassett, Abigail, is my fifth Bassett; that’s one for every decade of my life. Bassett’s have short legs and tend to like food a little too much but are not really designed to run very far. In spite of these genetic obstacles, they certainly try hard to keep up!

A good Bassett always has a white tip on its tail which is its own NITERunner of a sort…..they were originally bred as hunting and tracking dogs. They have the strongest nose of any dog alive and can follow a scent trail of a rabbit for miles through thick vegetation and shrubs thanks to their short legs. While on the trail their tails are always held high and the white tip helps their owners find them easily.

NITERunner’s History

Our whole family runs. My wife’s uncle came second in the world famous Comrades Ultra Marathon and her brother has several silver medals for the same 89km event. She runs regularly for general fitness and does the odd charity fun run. I started running in my early 20s and found it a great way to keep fit, handle stress and stay sane. I have run everything from 5km fun runs to the above mentioned Comrades Marathon and every distance in between. My son has run at State level and my daughter runs for general fitness. I coached junior distance runners for many years and many of these young athletes achieved Gold and Silver medals at State and Interstate level. One holds a current State record and another is in the USA on an Athletics Scholarship and recently ran a 4 minute mile at the age of 19. Forty years ago this would have been a world record.

The whole idea for NITERunner came from coaching.. we would go on 5km road runs and cross country runs twice a week and this was always a problem in the winter months because it got dark very early. We started off wearing LED headlamps but found they bobbed about too much when worn on the head, but were more stable around the waist. However the belts were too short for this and also tended to roll over. The belts were usually black and I was concerned about cars noticing us from behind so I started looking for a reflective belt that would give motorists early warning that we were there. There was nothing available and so the NITERunner product was born out of necessity and has evolved from there.