The New Super Bright NITERunner XT Front Light is Here

Just arrived in June 2015 is our new Super Bright front LED running & jogging light.

NITERunner XT Front Light - Click for full product details

Our new light now lets you see well ahead of your running path. The single LED design projects a bright spot up to 50 meters in front with a decent spread of light in your foot-fall zone.

The light fits all existing NITERunner jogging belts and features an adjustable bracket allowing you to set an angle to suit your running style.

The rain resistant design takes 3x standard AAA batteries; note that all NITERunner lights are shipped with a set of batteries.

NITERunner XT Front Light - click for details - fits our existing belts

We have searched far and wide for a new light that is suitable for running and jogging while being bright & affordable. Importantly this light does not get too hot or overheat like many super bright LED lights can. eg: many LED lights for cycling, while very bright, require constant airflow to keep them cool or expensive electronics to constantly monitor and change power output to keep the LED running at optimal temperature.

See & Be Seen!

You can buy the XT Light on it’s own if you already own a NITERunner or as a complete NITERunner which includes the belt and the XT light.

NITERunner XT Comparison vs our Original Jogging Light

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