Running Belt with Flashing LED & 130db Alarm


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Be Seen – Be Safe! with this Hi-Vis waist belt complete with Flashing LED & 130db Personal Safety Alarm.
Total weight inc. batteries: 90g (approx)

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Note: due to airmail restrictions we can no longer include batteries to overseas destinations.

Product Details

Be Seen – Be Safe!

If you train early in the mornings or in the evenings the NITERunner high visibility Belt with Alarm will give you great peace of mind during your run.

The jogging / running belt with flashing light and alarm has a high visibility waist band with two 10mm stripes of a special highly reflective material developed by the 3M Corporation. This reflects any light that strikes it back and allows other road users to spot you long before they normally would. A car doing 80km per hour covers 30 metres each second so a few seconds early alert could save your life.

It also has a flashing red light to make you highly visible in low light. Be Safe! If you press the large red lens cover, you activate a 130 decibel alarm (which can be heard above a commercial jet at take-off).

About 75% of NITERunner customers have been women and I thought this would be a useful device to have with you whilst training. It can be used in any emergency such as a medical emergency or if you got lost on a bush track to summon assistance or to scare off unwanted attention during a run. One customer has also reported that he used it to scare of a dog that was about about to attack!

Price now includes delivery to Australia & New Zealand.

You can also buy the flashing light / alarm on it’s own if you already own a NITERunner or as a complete NITERunner which includes the belt, a bright white front light and this as the rear light.

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Weight .23 kg
Dimensions 24 x 15 x 3 cm