NITERunner Flashing Arm Bands


Flashing or constant mode Arm Bands for saftey when running or cycling at night, dusk & dawn. Includes (2x) two armbands with batteries.

Shipping is now free to AU, NZ, US, UK, Canada & South Africa.
Note: due to airmail restrictions we can no longer include batteries to overseas destinations.

Product Details

Light weight, 2 modes : flashing or permanently on, long 50 hour battery life with 2xCR2032 batteries, comfortable to wear with flexible silicone rubber outer and soft elasticized inner strap with super soft non-chafing velcro. Pack contains (2x) Armbands.

We also have great prices on replacement CR2032 batteries – just $3 for 2 including postage!

Did you know:

A car travelling at 80km/h (50mph) covers 23metre every second. These highly visible, lightweight, reasonably priced lights could save your life while riding or cycling during the dark winter months. If a motorist drives round a bend or over the crest of a rise and you are 40 metres away, he has less than two seconds to react…. you need to make your presence obvious as early as possible. We recommend runners wear them around their upper arms. Cyclists should wear one on their helmet and the other on their Right Shoulder to show cars their outermost extremity allowing drivers to pass at a safe distance (or left shoulder in Left Hand Drive countries). Saddle mounted rear lights have two disadvantages.

1. Saddle mounted lights are obscured behind cars in heavy traffic so a motorist three cars back is not aware that there is a cyclist ahead. A light on the helmet can usually be seen from much further away

2. Viewed from behind, saddle mounted lights are in the centre of the bike so a passing motorist must guess where the cyclist’s outer edge is to allow a safe passing distance. This is why we recommend wearing the second light on the right shoulder in Right Hand Drive countries and left hand shoulder in Left Hand Drive countries.

Shipping Info

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 24 x 15 x 1.5 cm