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Therapeutic Magnetic Copper Bracelets

Hammertone Copper Magnetic Bracelet | View 2

I am a very sceptical person and always thought people who buy expensive copper and magnetic bracelets were gullible and easy targets for slick salesmen. About three years ago I started getting joint pain in my ankles which I figured was the result of 30 years of running marathons, ultra marathons, fun runs, triathlons and […]

Best time of day to run?

Running Waist Belt with LED & 130db Alarm at Night

I like running early in the morning for several reasons and recommend all runner try it for at least a few days.. Initially you won’t want to leave your soft pillow but my bet is you will grow addicted to the benefits and it will soon become your favoured time to indulge in your love […]


Hello Fellow runners, tri-athletes, cyclists and people who like to keep fit. Welcome to our new online store. NITERunner has been around for a number of years but we have only sold through eBay. Many of you have asked to buy direct because you don’t have an eBay account and we have listened. You can […]