Best time of day to run?

I like running early in the morning for several reasons and recommend all runner try it for at least a few days.. Initially you won’t want to leave your soft pillow but my bet is you will grow addicted to the benefits and it will soon become your favoured time to indulge in your love of running. This is a short list of reasons why I choose to run in the early morning.

1. The rest of the family is still asleep so I don’t encroach on family time.. (except that I go to bed an hour earlier) I get home as the rest of the family is waking up and suffer no guilt about going off on my own selfish mission.

2. It is a great way to start the day with fresh blood pumping through the brain and body that seems to get rid of cobwebs, the two glasses of red from the night before, and the general stresses of life. A run gets me ready to face a new day.

3. It is so much cooler. The world marathon records are continually broken at the Berlin Marathon and one of the reasons is the temperature hovers around 15 degrees Celsius which is the optimum temperature for a human body to do hard physical work. The body wastes the least energy either cooling itself down or keeping itself warm at this temperature. This is a complicated body process known as homeostasis and involves dilating and constricting blood vessels, sweating, shivering, forming goose bumps on the skin etc, all in the interest of maintaining a constant body temperature. If you have been running a while and study your own PBs you will find you probably achieved them when the temperature was somewhere around 15 degrees Celsius. In a hot Australian summer the only time you will get temperatures anywhere close to 15 is around 5am!

4. Road traffic is usually at its lowest making it safer and more relaxing for runners.

5. The wind speed is usually very low at this time of the morning. Wind picks up as the ground starts warming and high and low pressure zones are formed.

6. The flies are still in bed! Flies are exothermic creatures and their metabolism only kicks in when it warms up. At five am they are too cold and lethargic to even flap their wings. Being able to run without bothersome flies might even rate as the number one reason for many people choosing to run very early.

7. Dust and pollen counts are usually at their lowest early in the morning. This is a big plus for people with allergies, asthma and hayfever.

So give it a go.. and please run safe! Wear a NITERunner!

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